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The Traveling Venus Project was inspired by my granddaughter's birth this year, as I watched with awe, respect and admiration how my daughter brought her beautiful child into this world. I decided to carry out this project as a tribute to women around the world, a celebration of womanhood. Now close to 60 and in the throes of menopause, I'm coming full circle in this adventure with the conviction that ours is a path filled with sacrifices and pain, but also one with many rewards and joys. Everywhere I go, every day, I meet awe-inspiring women--strong, courageous, determined sisters who have experienced many challenges; yet their spirit remains unbroken. The vast majority outlive their male counterparts and are unwavering in their commitment to their families--parents, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In my own small way, I dedicate The Traveling Venus Project to extraordinary women around the world and hereby acknowledge the indomitable and relentless power of the feminine.
Twenty-one small Venus sculptures began traveling from São Paulo, Brazil on September 21, 2014. The recipient  was instructed to take a photo of Venus in a location that was meaningful to her and to email it to the artist, Alina Cubas Fonteneau, to be published on the project’s Facebook page, then to pass Venus on to another woman of her choice. It was the artist’s hope that these small sculptures would travel the world for 12 months, spreading the message of feminine power and sisterhood; the project would culminate in an exhibition which would serve as a fundraiser for an organization which champions women’s causes.
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